Born 20 Mar 1904

Susquehanna Pennsylvania

1st May 1926

Graduated Hamilton College, NY

(An atheist yet had to attend daily chapel)


1st May 1930

Gained his masters in Psychology, Harvard

Invented The Skinner Box

1st May 1931

PhD from Harvard


29th November 1936

Married Yvonne Blue.

29thNovember 1938

Published first book The Behavior of Organisms

Featuring studies on operant behaviour and conditioning.


29th November 1943

Created the air crib for Yvonne as she wanted

a crib that was safe.

29th November 1944
During World War II Skinner began to train Pigeons to direct missiles.This project was discontinued. He found that pigeons react much faster than rats leading to faster discoveries.

29th November 1948

Published Walden Two

A utopian novel which in its time

could have been considered science fiction.


30th November 1953
Published Science and Human Behaviour
The book includes what may be Skinner's earliest statement about the similarity of operant selection to Darwinian natural selection in phylogeny.


30th November 1957

Published Verbal Behaviour

A theoretical book which studies human behaviour

while also describing linguistics

11th November 1958
Devised the Teaching Machine
A program that had a list of questions for a learner to respond to. When answered correctly, the learner would be rewarded.


30th November 1971

Published Beyond Freedom and Dignity

An attempt to promote Skinner’s philosophy of

science and conception of determination. It attempts

to outline Skinner’s theory of  “cultural engineering”

                                                                                                30th November 1972

     Won the award for Humanist of the year from            the American Humanist Association.
He won this because of his contribution of
behaviourism as a Humanistic Psychology.


May 1974

Retires from conducting research and teaching

18th August 1990
Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mount Auburn Cemetery (86)
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