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This Wiki page is solely dedicated to bringing you the fun facts and information about the father of behaviourism, Burrhus Frederic Skinner.

GetTheSkinney has been created to inform and celebrate all things Skinner. We aim to provide a well-rounded view of his history, achievements and inventions while also providing the most interesting and lesser known facts about his life. We follow his journey from American psychologist to behaviorist to author to inventor and even to social philosopher outlining his incredible work.

This Blog's main goal is to teach people about B. F. Skinner and what he did in his life along with the many contributions he made to society. Everything from his theories and experiments such as The Skinner Box to his inventions like The Pigeon Guided Missile, Skinner consistently made interesting and insightful pieces of work whether they became widely known or not up until his final days.

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B. F. Skinner as you never knew him!

On this wiki there are four main sections about Skinner. These are:

The History of Skinner, where we look at a large variety of important and life changing dates throughout Skinner's life.

Skinner's Theories, where we look at some of the contributions Skinner made to the Psychological and Socially Philosophical fields.

Skinner's Experiments, the most well known experiments and most influential to his career, we take a deeper look how each experiment came to be and how they each worked.

Finally we have the Get-The-Skinney wiki quiz, a quiz which tests you on how much information of Skinner you actually know and how much you payed attention while reading this wiki.

We have one final section which covers the references we used while constructing this wiki, such as websites for pictures, the quiz or information that we presented.

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